Cedarwood Oil

Appearance and odor

Virginian oil is colorless to pale yellow to orange-yellow; oily-woody, sweet, resinous, pleasant; very persistent. It dries out to a more woody, less balsamic odor. It is rectified to a colorless liquid. Cedrene, the main component is converted to cedrenol on ageing. Light sesquiterpene fractions containing mainly cedrene are produced and converted into interesting perfume compounds. The essential oil is used extensively in perfumes, especially for soaps, as a fixative and cost-reducer for vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli and sandalwood oils. It is often used in air-fresheners.

Texas oil is brown to reddish-brown or can be redistilled to colorless.

Texas oil may become solid in cold weather (crude). It has a pleasant, sweet-woody, somewhat tar-like or cade-like and smoky odor. Later, on drying, it becomes balsamic-like and shows great tenacity with a sweet-woody dry-out. The rectified oil is less tar-like in odor as well as less cade-like and smoky. It has a pencil-sharpener-like odor on dry-out. A heavy fraction consisting of cedrol and cedrenol is often isolated. The light sesquiterpenoid fraction can be converted into very interesting perfumery compounds.

All the Texas oils, crude and rectified and the fractions are used in perfumery. The colorless rectified oil is preferred and blends with ionones, cinnamic alcohol, patchouli, amber bases, etc.

Atlas oil is similar to Virginian. Atlas oil is yellowish to orange or deep amber colored viscous liquid; odor is peculiar and not that pleasant when undiluted: slightly camphoraceous-cresylic with a sweet and tenacious woody undertone, reminiscent of cassie and mimosa, but not as delicate as the floral oils.

Aromatherapy Uses

Cedarwood oil uses include acne, scabs with pus, dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhoea of the scalp, dandruff and alpaca, alopecia, falling hair, dandruff; arthritis, rheumatism, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, nervous tension,stress-related disorders; calming and soothing to nervous tension and anxious states; a tonic to the glandular and nervous systems, genito-urinary tract inflammation or burning pain; acts as sexual stimulant.

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