Nasturtium Essential Oil


Appearance and odor

The name is derived from the Latin words narsus (nose) and tortes (twisted), or nose-twister. Pliny states that the smell of burning nasturtium drives away snakes. Most people ever enjoying its bitter, peppery odor, and it tastes just as hot on the tongue.

Aromatherapy Uses

The powerful odor of nasturtiums lends us energy in times of physical demands. Smell the fresh flowers first thing on waking up. Even if you're too sleepy to visualize, you'll receive a great start on your day. The scent fully arouses your conscious mind and energizes the physical body.

Like black pepper, the scent can also be used with visualization to guard yourself or your home from physical attack and negative energy. Visualize its scent hovering around you (or your home) like an invisible shield.

Its magical influence are physical energy and protection.

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